Saturday, March 1, 2008

About Us

darci erin

We became friends by default. Our husbands had been best friends forever and there was no keeping them apart - even after Brett married Darci and two weeks later Marc married Erin. We never would have met if those two boys hadn't become and stayed friends -- so I guess we owe it all to them!

Darci is an awesomely fun person who is always up for something exciting to do. She speaks her mind -- watch out, you never know what Darc's going to say next! She's a great listener and gives great advice. She has the most adorable little toddler girl, and is a loving, kind and creative mom.

Erin is the most creative and innovative person, she always is trying something new. She inspires me to be more involved in the community and with learning new projects, especially all the computer lingo. She is a great mom who always captures the best pictures of her photogenic toddler boy, who we love. She inspires me to be a better photographer, she is just awesome with the camera. Erin blogs at Two More Seconds!