Sunday, October 4, 2009

Catching Fire - review

This book was everything that I was hoping, minus a couple of things. First, I was not impressed when they had to go back into the Hunger Games I felt like it was a repeat of the first book and was hoping for something more. Second, I thought that I would be rooting for Peeta but we got to know Gale a little more in this story and I do have to say he is a MAN! I turned sides and was rooting for Gale.

This book set it up really nicely for a great finale. It will be interesting to read how the Capitol decides to deal with all the rebellions and how or if Katniss continues to be the symbol of rebellion and what she decides to do with it. Will she end up with Gale? It does make you think that she will since she admits to loving him but you never know, we might be turned back into rooting for Peeta.

What did you think?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

September Book Pick

I know you all have been on the edge of your seats waiting for the sequel to The Hunger Games to come out, right? Well.....Erin and I have been. We both finally had to order it from Amazon since our library waiting list is a mile long and we couldn't handle it. I did go to Target yesterday when it came out but..... nope! Target would not be getting it in. I was sooo bummed.

I am dying to know if we find out if Katniss goes with Gale her hunting buddy or Peeta her "boyfriend" from the Hunger Games. I for one want to her to be with Peeta I loved that he was so sweet to her. It melted me that he took a beating from his Dad (or was it his Mom?) so that he could sneak Katniss some bread knowing that her family was starving. I guess I will have to wait since Amazon doesn't deliver my book until Thursday. I know I will read it in one day just like I did The Hunger Games.

Monday, August 3, 2009

August Pick

Darci and I have been talking and we decided that at least through the end of the year we're going to start doing 1 book pick a month instead of our normal 2. We both are HUGE readers and both sometimes read more than 2 books a month ... but with both of us being pregnant & being so busy in both of our lives we're going to cut down the book that we read for this blog to just 1 a month. We hope that you continue to read along with us! We've got some good picks coming soon .... including the sequel to the great book Hunger Games!!!

For August I picked out "Domestic Affairs" by Eileen Goudge. My mom always gives me big stacks of books, mostly crime or mystery, which I really haven't been in the mood for lately, but I spotted this romance/drama/betrayal book and it looked pretty good. I know nothing of the author but apparently she has written other books too. I'm a few chapters in so far and it's a pretty easy read - and a pretty good story so far. Nice and no-thinking reading for me - exactly what I need when I'm 3 weeks away from having this baby!

I hope you'll read along with us ..... especially now that you have a whole month long to get the book and read it. Book review coming at the end of the month ....

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Finishing Touches - review

This book was everything that I wanted it to be, almost. It was a tad light on the romance side of things, but I tend to want more romance in anything I read. The story of Betsy was a great one. I loved reading about her friendships, especially with Jamie her best friends brother, they all were rich in character. I enjoyed learning more about the proper etiquette of things, especially the English version. Sometimes what they deemed as "proper" I thought was hilarious. It is a fun book. It really makes you like the characters or atleast understand them when you don't like them. Did anyone else read it along with me? What did you think?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

July 1st pick

Hester Browne wrote a series of books that I LOVED called, The Little Lady Agency. There are 3 books in this series and I just found them to be so fun, funny and very entertaining. If you want to read some great books pick them up! They reminded me a little of Bridget Jones Diary.

I was really excited to hear that Hester was writing a new book. This one sounds completely different then The Little Lady Agency series, but equally compelling. Here is a little bit of what the story is about:

Twenty-seven years ago, an infant turned up on the Academy's doorstep, with a note tacked to her blanket by an elegant golden brooch -- Please take care of my baby. I want her to grow up to be a proper lady. Loved by Lady Frances Phillimore and her kindhearted staff, Betsy grew up aspiring to be an Academy girl. But when Franny and her husband, Lord Phillimore, advise Betsy to instead hone her considerable math skills at college, she brokenheartedly leaves behind the only family she's known.

Hopefully this book will fit my mood of light and funny and a book that I will want to read again and again.

Friday, June 26, 2009

June 15th pick & review

Yes it is almost the end of June but I couldn't let the month end without posting about this pick -- Life As We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer. I really liked this book. It was kind of dark and morbid - but at the same time it did give hope and showed you that people can prevail even during the most trying times.

Just a little synopsis -- a random meteor hits the moon and causes it to be knocked off kilter a little bit. Because of this all sorts of natural disasters start happening - changes in the seasons, giant tidal waves, etc, and it is affecting mankind all over the world. We get to watch and see how one family handles the disaster and following months into winter with little heat, almost no food, sickness, death and worse.

It's eye opening and frightening and amazing all at the same time. I'd really recommend it. It's a young adult book so it's a quick read, also, like The Hunger Games was.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Handle with Care - review

I really don't know what to write about this book. It really disturbed me. The ending was terrible, and in my opinion just like her ending in My Sister's Keeper. After I read the book all I could think of was, can she think of anything else? Even my husband, who I shared the story with, said the same thing since I had told him about My Sister's Keeper back when I read that book.

It just seemed pointless to work hard and have all of this drama, but then right when it gets taken care of, something happens that makes it all pointless. (I am trying not to give any spoilers). Needless to say the ending really made me unhappy.

I also did not like that Jodi Picoult did not have any "good" stories going on in this book. If you have read her books before you know that each chapter is written in first person from someone in the story and tells the story from their perspective. Everyone's story in this book was sad and depressing. Usually in Jodi's books there is a story that you really like, someones life that is finding love or happiness, but not this book. I would have liked it a whole lot more if there had been happiness in one of the stories going on.

What did you all think???

On another note My Sister's Keeper is coming out in the theaters on June 26, I can't wait!