Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Holiday's

Dear Readers,

We just wanted to say that we have not forgotten about you all, but we are taking a break because of the Holiday's. We are busy! We will be back on January 15th with Erin's pick. Merry Christmas and have a Great New Year.


The OH! girls.

Someone to Love - review

This book did not live up to my hype. It was a fine and easy read, but it lacked the sexual tension. The main characters just did not have any and I was not rooting for them. I was sad that it did not grip me like A Knight in Shinning Armor did. So sad, that was such an awesome book, defiantly lots of sexual tension.

Monday, December 1, 2008

December 1st pick

I thought it was time that we read one of MY books. I love the romance novels, what can I say I am a total romantic. Jude Deveraux wrote one of my all time favorite books, A Knight in Shinning Armor, don't let the title dissuade you it is such a great book. I have not read one of Jude's books in a long time so I thought it was time.

Jace Montgomery is sad over is fiance's death and finds a picture of a house in her things with an inscription on the back, "Ours again. Together forever. See you there." It makes him want to find out where this house is to find out more about his fiance. The house is haunted by a headstrong and feisty ghost, Ann Stuart, whom he must tangle with if he's ever to solve the mystery.

Sounds so good! Who is ready for an all out romance, hopefully with some spicy scenes??? I know I am.