Saturday, June 14, 2008

Water for Elephants - review

This was a VERY different book for me. It was the first time that I can remember ever reading a book that was from a man's side. It is about how Jacob lost everything and didn't know what to do and how he ended up working in the circus. The circus is a harsh and crude world and I expected alot of that to come out in the book and it did. I did like that it was written when Jacob was in his 90's and how he was remembering the years he was in the circus and all the things that happened there that he has never told anyone about.

I felt really bad for Jacob because here he is in a nursing home and his children did not come and see him and they didn't seem like that even cared too. He hated being there and wished that he could be somewhere else. He would fall asleep and go back to the years he was in the circus and how he met his wife and all the obstacles that they had to overcome to be together. She was married when they met and had a CRAZY husband who eventually hit her and she said that was it and she was leaving him. I have to really admire that because so many women do not leave when their husbands hit them, I sure would!!!

I really liked the ending, I thought that it was just the perfect thing that he met up with the owner of the circus that was going on next to his nursing home and that man let him stay on and sell tickets. Jacob was meant to be at the circus and to get out of the nursing home and spend his last days somewhere where he wants.

This isn't a book that I would read again, but it was different and interesting all the same. What did you think of it??


Erin said...

I liked this book OK. I thought it was an interesting story - I liked the insight to the circus world - the charachters were well developed and likable -- overall I thought it was a really good book. I agree with what Darci said that she really liked the ending of the book and that Jacob got to go back where he belonged -- with the circus.

Darci said...

I am glad that we tried something so different for both of us. And if it is made into a movie then even better that we have read it already.