Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Hunger Games - review

Soo .... The Hunger Games. What did everyone think? I posted that little snippet the other day saying how much I loved it -- and then I went and read it for the 2nd time -- and realized I LOVED it even more!

I think one of the reasons it's so enjoyable is that it's a very quick read and the plot of the story moves pretty quickly. You're wanting to know so badly what is going to happen to Katniss at different points in the story -- if she's going to be chosen as the representative from her District -- if she is going to even be able to survive the first days -- if she's going to be able to actually win the Hunger Games and be the last person standing -- that you literally can't put the book down and are thankful that it's such a nicely constructed book that there's not a lot of "extra fluff" bogging down the pages.

The author really strikes a great balance of what is right and what is wrong -- all throughout the book Katniss is presented with choices -- does she do the right thing or does she do the thing that will help ensure her survival? She knows there can only be one victor in the Games and that sometimes by being too compassionate she'd be putting herself in danger of being killed off. She does manage to make allys along the way, although these relationships are unfortunately short-lived, as in 12 year old Rue, that reminds Katniss so much of her little sister.

And of course weaved throughout the novel is the blossoming relationship of Katniss and Peeta -- who we learn has adored Katniss for years. But Katniss first only saw him as another opponent in the games, someone she'd have to kill. Even at the end when they're both declared the winners -- she's hesitant of him and still thinking about Gale, the boy back in her District.

The book ends so abruptly that you're just aching to know what is going to happen next. What will happen when Peeta and Katniss get back to District 12? How will their lives change? How will Katniss' relationships with Peeta and Gale both develop? And most importantly - what does The Capitol have in store for them - we're left to believe that they are not happy that there are 2 winners of the Games that seem to have outsmarted them - I have a feeling they're going to have some frightening plans for our two heroes.

Excited to hear what you all thought!


Darci said...

I loved Peeta, but I always fall the the guys that have loved the girl forever but has hidden it, I really hope Katniss chooses him and not Gale. Not that there is anything wrong with Gale but you didn't get a big feel for him and you loved Peeta. How sweet was it that he let his mom beat him so that he could give Katniss some bread when she most needed it?!?!? That is my kind of man.

It was really hard to like the whole "Hunger Games", it was so brutal and barbaric, you learned to really like some of the people just knowing they would die and die badly, was hard. It was a great concept because it was out there, I never would have thought of something like the "Hunger Games".

It was a hard book to put down and I am dying to read the next installment. Katniss BETTER choose Peeta, that is all I have to say!

mandy said...

I don't know, Darci, I'm partial to FIRST loves. Gale has known her her whole life (I think, it's been a while since I read it) and he really knows WHO she is, through and through. Peeta is very sweet and I do really like him, but he doesn't know the REAL Katniss, the one who hunts and risks her life every day to provide for her family. He only knows Katniss in extreme survival mode, who does a lot of acting to save her own skin.
I kind of feel sorry for Peeta b/c Katniss must pretend to like him no matter what she actually feels on the inside - and how can he ever know if her interest in him is real?
I think the big issue in the sequel will be: how can Katniss stay true to Gale, whom she really loves, without putting him and her family in danger? Will she have to pretend to love Peeta always, breaking Gale's heart, just to keep them safe?
I can't wait to find out!
PS - If she does choose Peeta, I won't be too disappointed - he's a great guy, too.

pitbull said...

I must be stupid or something (or really, really into the book) but I didn't see the abrupt end coming, so I was more than angry that the story stopped so suddenly. Even though the storyline was "brutal and barbaric", it was interesting to imagine something like that happening in the future. I can't wait until the sequel comes out.