Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Handle with Care - review

I really don't know what to write about this book. It really disturbed me. The ending was terrible, and in my opinion just like her ending in My Sister's Keeper. After I read the book all I could think of was, can she think of anything else? Even my husband, who I shared the story with, said the same thing since I had told him about My Sister's Keeper back when I read that book.

It just seemed pointless to work hard and have all of this drama, but then right when it gets taken care of, something happens that makes it all pointless. (I am trying not to give any spoilers). Needless to say the ending really made me unhappy.

I also did not like that Jodi Picoult did not have any "good" stories going on in this book. If you have read her books before you know that each chapter is written in first person from someone in the story and tells the story from their perspective. Everyone's story in this book was sad and depressing. Usually in Jodi's books there is a story that you really like, someones life that is finding love or happiness, but not this book. I would have liked it a whole lot more if there had been happiness in one of the stories going on.

What did you all think???

On another note My Sister's Keeper is coming out in the theaters on June 26, I can't wait!


Erin said...

I just finished it. I had to push to finish it because I wasn't really that into it --- definitely not a typical Picoult book. I agree with you, Darc, on all the unnecessary bickering and general unhappiness between the characters in the book. It seemed like NO one was happy with their lot in life and didn't want to do anything to make it better. Ending was surprising - I had heard that book had a twist at the end but I wasn't expecting that! Glad I read it but definitely not one of my favorites.

Beth said...

I finished reading this book yesterday. For me it was a very thought provoking book. I have a special needs son. First off, I would never in a million years not have had my son, nor would I have filed a lawsuit like this. That being said, there was a part of me that understood why she was doing it. At the same time, with every chapter I was hoping she would just drop it and put her family back together!
The story made me think a lot about different situations in my family's life. I hope that I can learn from Charlotte. I thought she was a great advocate for her daughter (the time when Willow was getting the iv and the broken femur). I work hard every day to remember my daughter and my husband and I hope they never feel neglect from me as I also work hard for my son.