Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Time Travelers Wife - review


What to say? I loved reading this book, but now that I am finished I am mad at the book. I am getting tired of people always dying and there being sad endings. Why must that be? Can't anyone write a really great book and it have a happy ending? What is wrong with a happy ending? NOTHING.

Enough of that. OK. This book was really good. Claire and Henry are so cute together and I loved all the time that they spent together when Claire was younger. Sometimes I got confused when the "Henry's" would met up and be together and talk about everything, but it made for an interesting point of view. It was kind of cute to see Henry when he was little.

The love that Henry and Claire had for each other was palpable. I was totally drawn into it. They really were meant to be together. Everything that Claire knew about Henry, she knew him since she was 6, still made her want to be with him and not want to fight the system. What is love if not that? I don't know how I would feel being told and always knowing that I would be with this person and feeling like the choice was taken out of my hands, but Claire did not feel that way. She wanted Henry from the first time she saw him, which is really sweet.

Poor Henry. Having to lose your feet because of a time travel gone wrong, when he always would tell Claire that his feet is what saves him, without them he would be nothing. Little did he know that he would eventually be without them and this would be his downfall. How can you escape when you can't get up and run, only crawl away? You can't. It was a little weird to find out that he was shot and killed my Claire's own Dad in a hunting accident. You wonder if her father knew when he met Henry (once they met up in real time and were dating) that this the the man I killed when Claire was younger??? We will never know. Interesting though.

This book will hold a little place in my heart. I really liked that it was different, but I might be upset for awhile about Henry dying in the end. I wonder if I will want to see the movie when it comes out since I know the ending is really sad? I don't like sad endings.


Erin said...

Wow that is quite the spoiler Darci ;) I've already read this one years ago but maybe others haven't...

At any rate, this book is so gorgeous. I remember just sobbing at the ending though. I'm so excited for the movie since my boyfriend Eric Bana is in it. It will definitely be a tissue filled afternoon. I'll probably need a bottle of wine to calm down after ha ha

Darci said...

Sorry, but I really felt that I needed to talk about all that went on in the book, isn't that what a review is???
I know Eric Bana is so great. I hope it is true to the book, so few movies are.

RETTJ16 said...

Ohhhh my gosh! I am finally done with the book!..and what can i say...I LOVED IT!! (I just finished it!!)
It took me a while to read it...since i had to keep going back to see what the last date was and what date Clair originally met Henry and so on...but it was so worth it!
I had a hard time figuring out some of the stuff because it only made sense when it all came together...but worth it!
I was also drawn into Clair and Henrys love! How would it be to meet your soul mate so early and know that he is the one and if you are just patient that one day when you aren't expecting it you will meet him again??? And then to try so hard to have a baby and almost give up and then to take a short glimpse into the future and see your child for yourself??? Pretty amazing!!
I was however totally blown away with him losing his feet! I didn't see it coming and was totally shocked with the turn of the book!
I also bawled my eyes out with the last couple of chapters when Henry is saying goodbye and when Clair sits and waits to see her one true love again! Ohhh so heart breaking!!
I can't say it enough i loved the book! It is quit different than some of the other books i have read...not use to some of the more graphic words and details...but it was such an amazing story of true love!
Funny how this book shows us that life is about living! It is about living in the moment and if you don't sit back and enjoy life, that life will pass you by!!...If we aren't careful we will spend the rest of our lives trying to get back to that one moment!!
Good job Darci...this book will forever be one of my favorites in my collection!!

Darci said...

So glad you liked it Jill. Now we just have to wait for the movie to come out.

RETTJ16 said...

I am excited to see the movie...but it will be interesting! I can't imagine how they would put all that stuff in a movie! But if they do half as good as the book was--it will be an excellent movie!!!

Erin said...

I liked it a lot, too. I thought it was sad but it was such a good love story that made up for it! I am like you, Jill, and I kept getting the time confused and had to reread to figure out where they both were. Overall it was such a good idea for a novel and the writer put it together beautifully, I can't wait for the movie.