Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Holiday's

Dear Readers,

We just wanted to say that we have not forgotten about you all, but we are taking a break because of the Holiday's. We are busy! We will be back on January 15th with Erin's pick. Merry Christmas and have a Great New Year.


The OH! girls.

Someone to Love - review

This book did not live up to my hype. It was a fine and easy read, but it lacked the sexual tension. The main characters just did not have any and I was not rooting for them. I was sad that it did not grip me like A Knight in Shinning Armor did. So sad, that was such an awesome book, defiantly lots of sexual tension.

Monday, December 1, 2008

December 1st pick

I thought it was time that we read one of MY books. I love the romance novels, what can I say I am a total romantic. Jude Deveraux wrote one of my all time favorite books, A Knight in Shinning Armor, don't let the title dissuade you it is such a great book. I have not read one of Jude's books in a long time so I thought it was time.

Jace Montgomery is sad over is fiance's death and finds a picture of a house in her things with an inscription on the back, "Ours again. Together forever. See you there." It makes him want to find out where this house is to find out more about his fiance. The house is haunted by a headstrong and feisty ghost, Ann Stuart, whom he must tangle with if he's ever to solve the mystery.

Sounds so good! Who is ready for an all out romance, hopefully with some spicy scenes??? I know I am.

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Secret Life of Bee's - review

This book was really cute and sweet. An easy read. This was about Lily who ran away from her Dad with her housekeeper a black women in 1964. Lily was only 14 and wanted to find out all that she could about her mother that died when Lily was 4 years old. It was interesting to be taken back to the 60's when blacks were being persecuted, so when Lily went to live with a house full of black women people did not know what to think about it. I loved that Lily found the "Women of Mary" women and learned all that she could about being a bee keeper. She found her first love, which was really sweet, as a first love should be. At the end of the book I really wanted to know more. I wanted to know what she is doing now that she is all grown up. Does she still live with the women? Is she a bee keeper or did she take up writing? I guess we will never know. Atleast I can go and see the movie now and see how that turned out. What did you think?

Saturday, November 15, 2008

November 15th pick

Since Darci and I have been on a little quilting frenzy lately (see here and here and here and here) I kind of had it in the back of my mind that I wanted to pick a quilting/crafting type fiction novel for this months pick. I wasn't sure how big of a genre that was ... after all how many quilting/knitting/crafting novels could there really be? So I was so excited when I saw the book "The Fortune Quilt" on a little end cap at the library. The word "quilt" and the cute little illustration on the cover just jumped out at me so I checked it out wanting to bring it home and do a little more research on it. Turns out, it's supposedly a pretty good book. It seems a little "lighter" than what we've been reading (since I'm still plodding through The Gargoyle) but that's exactly what I'm in the mood for. So, I'm not going to post any plot points or online reviews - just go pick it up, tell us you're going to read along with us, and enjoy the no-brainer novel!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

November 1st pick

I choose The Secret Life Of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd book because it sounded like a good story. I have always thought the 1960's were an interesting time in our history. "The search for a mother, and the need to mother oneself, are crucial elements in this well-written coming-of-age story set in the early 1960s against a background of racial violence and unrest."

After I choose it and put it up on the blog I saw previews for the movie. I had heard nothing about it. Hopefully alot of you will read the book along with us before you go and see the movie.

I am still reading the Gargoyle, it is a "heavy" book so hopefully I will finish it soon so that I can start this book.

Friday, October 17, 2008

October 15th pick

I found this book and told Erin about it and it sounded interesting. She read some reviews of it and we got a little scared when they were saying "The Gargoyle is an Inferno for our time." But then her "other mom" Nicole sent her an email about it -

I am about to jump into a book by Andrew Dickenson called "The Gargoyle" have you heard of it? Apparently it's a first book by the author and he's added an interesting twist to it. It's a love/hate relationship between critics so I thought I would send it to the BEST critics, you know, those hot chicks from the "It's Only A Novel" site. Anyway - let me know if I should read it or color in it.

So after that Erin and I decided it was fate we HAD to read it. It does sound really different. I love me some romance, as you well know. Here is alittle snip it from the synopsis:

"A beautiful and compelling, but clearly unhinged, sculptress of gargoyles by the name of Marianne Engel appears at the foot of his bed and insists that they were once lovers in medieval Germany. In her telling, he was a badly injured mercenary and she was a nun and scribe in the famed monastery of Engelthal who nursed him back to health."

Sounds good, huh? Who is with us?

One Shot - review

I thought this was a good mystery and enjoyed reading it. I got a little caught up in the abrupt sentences and all the details. Lee Child just went on and on in the details, things that we really didn't need to know and I ended up skimming through alot of pages because of it. I think it would have been a better book if it had been shorter. I could not make up my mind on Jack Reacher, he doesn't seem to be the typical hero. Most of the time I was deciding if I liked him as a person. A point in his favor is that he is very thorough. What did you think?

Monday, September 29, 2008

On The Side Erin

For my neighborhood book club pick this past month we read "Dishwasher" by Pete Jordan. It was a great book that I probably never would have picked up and read had it not been for the fact that it was picked out for me. It is about a guy who really doesn't know what he wants to do with his life, so he kind of makes the joke-goal that he wants to wash dishes in all 50 states. The book is non-fiction, and is about all the people he meets and things he does while traveling around the country. The book is fun and lighthearted -- I mean what type of guy really has a life's ambition to be a dish washer -- but his stories are great and it's interesting to see how he gets around and picks up different jobs and then just leaves and moves on to a different state when he gets bored.

The next book we have picked is "Little Heathens, Hard Times and High Spirits on an Iowa Farm During the Great Depression" by Mildred Armstrong Kalish. It's another non-fiction book about, like the tagline leads you to believe, growing up on an Iowa farm during the Great Depression. I'm excited to read this book - the New York Times picked it as one of the 10 best books of 2007.

I've got a lot to read - better get reading!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

October 1st Pick

I thought it was time to read a mystery. It also helps that it is the month for scariness, Halloween is here. I wanted a change of pace, to read a book that is not usually on a book club list. I had no idea what writer to choose from and wanted to try someone new, so I asked around at the used book store that I go to and this was the majority choice. One Shot is a Jack Reacher novel and I was told that you do not need to read them in order, they all stand alone. I chose this one and from the synopsis it sounds really good:

One heartland city thrown into a state of terror. But within hours the cops have it solved: a slam-dunk case. Except for one thing. The accused man says: You got the wrong guy. Then he says: Get Reacher for me.

Sounds good. Anyone else want to read this mystery with us??

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

On The Side

I had an interesting experience reading this book and wanted to share it with you. The Red Tent is a fictional version of the story of Jacob and his family, more specifically his only daughter Dinah,from Genisis in the Bible. I know the Bible story well and thought this might be an interesting book to read. As it turned out it was a very emotional and disturbing book for me to read. It was very hard for me to remember that is was a fictional version. I have strong feelings and views of the Bible story and so it was hard for me to read about this version of the story. I felt that the author took to many liberties with the story. I realize that this book IS fiction, but for some reason I could not take it as so. I have too strong of feelings for the Bible and this hindered my regard for the story. I think if this book had been about anything other than a story taken from the Bible then I would have easily been able to enjoy it. It evoked so many strange and weird feelings in me. I can not remember feeling all of those emotions from any other book. Some people might find that to be enough to read a book just so they can get all of those emotions, but I did not like it. Has anyone else read this book? I would love to know what you thought about it and see if you were able to enjoy it for itself and not based off of the Bible version as I did.

I really don't want you to think this is not a good book because it is. It is a good read and the author writes really well. If you can think of it as fiction then you will really like it. I just could not remember that she was writing it from a fictional stand point and that is why I had issues about it.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

September 15th Pick + From Page to Screen

This book is Erin's pick for the month, but I am writing about it since she is swamped with sewing her Superhero Capes. I know she picked this book because she had seen it around and heard people talking about it. The story is about every woman's fear: what would happen if you lost your child and she grew up without you? We will have to find out.

From the Page to the Screen:

It seems like alot of the books were have or are reading is being made into a movie and this month's pick is no exception. Lifetime made this movie and aired it in April of this year and I have tried to find when it will be re-airing but I have not been able to find out. I have Netflix and found out you can rent the movie, and it comes out on DVD on October 7th. It stars Dermot Mulroney ("The Wedding Date"), Gretchen Mol ("3:10 to Yuma") and two-time Oscar nominee Emily Watson.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Time Travelers Wife - review


What to say? I loved reading this book, but now that I am finished I am mad at the book. I am getting tired of people always dying and there being sad endings. Why must that be? Can't anyone write a really great book and it have a happy ending? What is wrong with a happy ending? NOTHING.

Enough of that. OK. This book was really good. Claire and Henry are so cute together and I loved all the time that they spent together when Claire was younger. Sometimes I got confused when the "Henry's" would met up and be together and talk about everything, but it made for an interesting point of view. It was kind of cute to see Henry when he was little.

The love that Henry and Claire had for each other was palpable. I was totally drawn into it. They really were meant to be together. Everything that Claire knew about Henry, she knew him since she was 6, still made her want to be with him and not want to fight the system. What is love if not that? I don't know how I would feel being told and always knowing that I would be with this person and feeling like the choice was taken out of my hands, but Claire did not feel that way. She wanted Henry from the first time she saw him, which is really sweet.

Poor Henry. Having to lose your feet because of a time travel gone wrong, when he always would tell Claire that his feet is what saves him, without them he would be nothing. Little did he know that he would eventually be without them and this would be his downfall. How can you escape when you can't get up and run, only crawl away? You can't. It was a little weird to find out that he was shot and killed my Claire's own Dad in a hunting accident. You wonder if her father knew when he met Henry (once they met up in real time and were dating) that this the the man I killed when Claire was younger??? We will never know. Interesting though.

This book will hold a little place in my heart. I really liked that it was different, but I might be upset for awhile about Henry dying in the end. I wonder if I will want to see the movie when it comes out since I know the ending is really sad? I don't like sad endings.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Rest of Her Live - Review

Overall I liked the book "The Rest of Her Life" by Moriarty. I think that the book started off a lot better than it ended ... even though I liked the ending. I think that the book was a lot like a Jodi Picoult book in that it took an interesting situation (in this a teenage girl accidentally hits and kills a girl with her SUV) and shows all views of it from the people surrounding the event.

I almost preferred the secondary storyline about the mothers life growing up. I think that was a little more interesting and gave us insight to her character.

I just kept expecting this book to "grab" me like it did in the first few chapters, and it never really did that. Did I enjoy it? I did. Would I read it again? Probably not. But I'm glad I read it. It made me think - and not all books do that.

September 1st Pick + From Page to Screen

I picked the Time Travelers Wife because I had heard about it for a long time now and it always sounded like my kind of book, but I never read it. It is about a Chicago librarian with "Chrono Displacement" disorder. He disappears without warning and finds himself in the past or future, usually at a time or place of importance in his life. Apparently this causes problems with his marriage, what wife wouldn't be upset if her husband kept disappearing? It is a love story that I am really excited to read. I really hope that it doesn't have a sad ending like the last love story that we read, we will have to wait and see.

From Page to Screen:

I found out that it is being made into a movie and it is supposed to be released this December! It stars Eric Bana & Rachel McAdams. I am so excited to see it, I should probably wait until I read it to say that though. I always try to read a book before I see the movie, so this is perfect timing for this months pick.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Twilight Drama

I don't know how many of you had heard, but Stephenie Meyer is not going to write/finish "Midnight Sun" which was the book from Edwards point of view. Apparently someone got hold of a rough draft and posted it illegally on the internet and she doesn't want to finish it now.

Click HERE to read from Stephenie's blog.

I am so sad, but I totally understand why she doesn't want to write it, I would be upset too. What do you think?

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Midwives - review

Ok. So I TRIED this book. I thought I would like it since my SIL, Kami recommended it, but I didn't take into consideration the amount of description there would be about the birthing process. I am deathly afraid of medical things, especially birth. I have given birth and I really don't want to repeat it, but I will because I love kids, but......this book was WAY to descriptive. I really didn't make it far because I cringed after almost every sentence. I know, I have issues, I am not denying it. This will have to be a time where one of you has read it and can review it for me.

Erin and I both are a little slow this month because we have been on vacation and have been super busy, so please forgive us. August is always a crazy month.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Breaking News ...

Some of you might have heard already but I just found out ... the movie version of Twilight was originally slated to be released December 12th of this year - but has been moved up three weeks and is now opening right before Thanksgiving on November 21st.

Great news!

(Unless you're a Harry Potter fan -- the movie was moved up when they announced the postponement of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince until next summer - it was supposed to open November 21st.)

August 15th Pick

So I know you've all been waiting on pins and needles to find out what the August 15th book pick is ... I know, I know, I've been busy. Luckily now I'm all settled in at Darci's house in California and this is literally the first chance I've had in a week to get online and update this blog with my pick.

I didn't really have a book in mind to pick, but Darci had this one on her shelf and it looks good. I've actually started reading it already and I really like it so far ... it's The Rest of her Life by Laura Moriarty. It's about a mother and daughter relationship and how a chance accident both strains and builds their relationship.

It's endorsed by Jodi Picoult, who we both really like, so I'm hoping this book is as good as Jodi's good books are. Who's going to read it with us?

Friday, August 8, 2008

Breaking Dawn - review

Where ooh where to begin??????

Ok, so this is my take on the book and of course, not all of you felt the same, that is why we are here to discuss it and see what everyone thought, right???

To give you some background on me, I LOVED Twlight and New Moon I could not put those down and stayed up late to finish them, but Eclipse did not hold me as much, don't get me wrong it was great but just not as good as the other 2. I got really annoyed at Bella, I love Edward, oh no I love Jacob, fiasco. So, Breaking Dawn was a little like Eclipse to me, I could put it down, and I got a little annoyed at Bella when she was Preggers because she was willing to die to save her child and all the crazy stuff that was going on with the pregnancy I just didn't like. I thought that the baby would have to be killed anyway because it would be a crazy Vamp like every "baby Vampire" that we had heard about from the previous books, so why was she willing to die to save the baby that would just have to be killed anyway!!! I did not like that part and wanted her to get rid of the baby just like Edward and Jacob wanted her to do. I was glad that it worked out and the baby was born and was not a crazy "baby Vampire". It was great to have Edward turn Bella into a vampire, finally!!!

Besides that part I really loved all that happened. I loved the Honeymoon, boy did it get my juices flowing, good thing my husband was around. It was about time that they had sex, huh?? I LOVED Bella as a Vamp, she just kicked butt and her personality was different to me and I liked her so much better. I was happy that she married Edward, I was not a Jacob fan atleast not for her. Luckily for those Jacob fans out there, he gets what he has wanted in this book, and that is to be over Bella and to have someone of his own. I TOTALLY guess that Bella's baby was going to be Jacobs "imprint", did you??? I saw that one coming and was super happy about it because you sort of did feel sorry for Jacob. The baby's name, Renesmee, was a mouthful and it did distract me because it was hard for me to remember how to pronounce it, but she was just so sweet and I loved her ability. How cool would it be to just touch someone and show them what you feel and want and not have to speak?!?!?

I was upset about Alice and that she felt that she needed to leave, but I kept hoping that she left to help them out. So it was a great moment when she came back just in time to save them all from the Volturi. Good thing she brought Nahuel,the other half vamp half human, to show the Volturi that half vamp half humans can be controlled.

I was going to be so mad if Stephenie Meyer ended it where they all died and Jacob escaped with Renesemee to raise her. She really had you thinking that for a time and I was not happy. Who knew Bella with her super power would be the hero? She was always so clumsy and uncoordinated, I love her has a Vampire. When it ended I was still hoping for more because it seem to be an abrupt ending and needed something else. It was sort of anti-climatic with the whole Volturi thing, not having some sort of fight. Didn't you want some little bit of a fight? I wonder if Stephenie Meyer just didn't have it in her to write one.

Ok, what did you think???

Monday, August 4, 2008


Check in here when you're done reading Breaking Dawn. We'll have a review post up in a few days to discuss it.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It's Almost Time!

If you've been watching our little counter over there on the sidebar ... you'll see that there is a little over 3 days until the release of Breaking Dawn, the last installment of the Bella and Edward story in the Twilight books. I am so excited for this book to come out!

I remember back when I was reading the first three books, and I finished Eclipse, I thought that August 2nd would take FOREVER to get here. But now it is almost here! I can't wait!

I haven't read the preview chapter that was in some of the editions of Eclipse - so I have no idea what is coming for the fourth book. Have any of you read that preview chapter or any of the snippets that have been on the internet?

How is everyone getting their copies of the book? I almost bought it last week from Amazon.com because they had a really good price, and I've heard that with books sometimes you get them a day or two before the release date, because they are guaranteed to get to you ON the release day, but they play it safe and send it a little early. But I chickened out because it would be just my luck to have it go missing and then I'd have to go buy a copy anyways.

I am planning on going early Saturday morning to pick up my copy. I hope the hoards of women in Utah won't be too crazy and I can get a copy easily. That day we have an all day family reunion and I don't know how I'm going to manage going all day knowing that the book is sitting in the car! I think I may need to sneak in a few chapters here and there between talking to relatives and playing silly (I mean incredibly! fun! and! hilarious!) games with the family.

Monday, July 28, 2008

August 1st Pick

Midwives was recommended to me by my sister in law who has raved about it, which hopefully means that I will like it too. I would never use a midwife myself because I need drugs and a hospital to deliver a baby, but that doesn't mean that I can't see if from the view of someone who does. From what I have read on the back of the book it says that a midwife is accused of killing the mother while trying to save the baby, thinking that the mother was already dead. There is a trial involved and I always have loved a good court case, Jodi Picoult sure loves to write them. This book has garnered really great reviews and is even on Oprah's book club. It sounds interesting and sad. I think this will really get your emotions involved especially if you are a mom or want to be one. Are you ready for a tear jerker that this is claimed to be???

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

July 15th pick

I had heard a lot about Libba Bray's "A Great and Terrible Beauty" but made it my pick for July without really knowing anything about it. Come to find out, it's another Young Adult genre book (like Twilight) about a young girl who, after an unconventional upbringing in India, is sent back to England to attend an all-girls boarding school. There she falls into the usual petty squabbles of popularity and independence, before realizing that there is more to the school than she first realized. In a madcap tale of gypsies, magical powers, and deep dark soul-sucking evil Gemma has to face up to her own personal demons as well as the very real spirits that wish her, and her friends, harm.

I was happy to find out that this book is the first in a Trilogy, with Rebel Angels and The Sweet Far Thing rounding out the three. I can't wait until my library finally gets it in and I can start it. I know a lot of you have already read it - so I hope you'll come join us in talking about it once more people finish it!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Last Time They Met - review

This book took a little getting into, I was confused for the first 15 pages or so, but then it gets really interesting. When Linda and Thomas meet at a book conference and you learn about their past. It is sad to learn that they met in high school and were involved in a bad car accident and that, also family, pulls them apart. Years later they meet again in Africa, of all places, and though both of them were married at that time, they have an affair and realize that they still love each other and have since they met in high school. I really liked reading about their thoughts and how their encounters go. I thought the ending was the BEST part of the book ,even though I always want a happy ending. It was such a dark twist to the story that it totally took me, and I bet you, by surprise. You find out that Linda actually died in the car crash back when they were teenagers and Thomas has been so upset about it that he has been imagining all that you have read, his life with Linda in it. I think that losing the love of his life at a young age and then having his young daughter drown was just to much for him. He tried moving on with his life after Linda and married and had a daughter, but then he loses the daughter in a tragic boating incident and she drowns, it is just to much to handle.

I did like this book, though it was not what I was hoping for, a good romance with a happy ending. Maybe next time. What did you think???

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Screwtape what?

I belong to a great book club in my neighborhood and this was the book picked for this month. I had heard of C.S. Lewis before (Chronicles of Narnia and The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe) but I hadn't heard of the book The Screwtape Letters. It was funny right after I found out that this was the book for this month I saw the book sitting on my brother in law's shelf and so I was able to borrow it from him.

So I TRIED to read it. I don't know, maybe just that it's summer and I'm in the mood for something a little lighter and less dramatic. But I could just NOT get into it.I was a little worried when I went to Annie's house for the book club meeting, since I hadn't finished the book - but I was so glad to find out that only ONE girl out of about 8 had read it until the end! It was so funny, we all just kept saying "nope, me either".

I can't even say that it's a book that I'll try to pick up and read again in the future. It just doesn't even interest me. Sorry, I don't even want to research to put a little bit of info about it on here. If you want, you can read what my book clubs website wrote about it here. I'd just recommend to stay away. Unless you like that kind of stuff. What kind of stuff that is, I really can't say I read far enough to find out!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

On The Side

This was the first book that I have read from James Patterson, and I really enjoyed reading it. It is an easy read and the characters are well developed and likable. It is about a little girl who has an imaginary friend that has to leave her when she turns 9 years old. Micheal, the imaginary friend, tells her that she will forget about him it is just how it works, but she doesn't. They met again and she finds out that he wasn't imaginary, he is real. It is a cute little love story that has a happy ending. I would totally recommend this book if you need a good little love story.

This is a book for all of those out there that LOVE Pride and Prejudice. Janet Aylmer does a really good job of showing the side of Mr. Darcy that we all wanted to read about. It has everything that you love about Jane Austen with bits added so that we can get to know Mr. Darcy. What was he thinking and doing??? I really enjoyed reading this book, it brought home all the things that I loved about Pride and Prejudice. For those that love Pride and Prejudice this is a book for you.

I know, another Jodi Picoult book?!? I needed to read another one to get the disaster that was "Perfect Match" out of my system and I am happy to say that this one is a keeper. It is a great story about kidnapping and all the dynamics that happens in the family. If you want a good book to read that approaches an interesting topic, this is the one.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mad River Road - review

My June 15th book pick was the mystery Mad River Road by Joy Fielding. In a word - "eh". For me, this book was neither intriguing or believable, two things I think a good mystery should be. I could never really get into the characters and thought that their choices in the book were not things that a normal, intelligent person would do! I mean, jumping into a car and going on a road trip with a guy you met YESTERDAY? And that's just one example.

I know Darci didn't like this book, either, and it's a shame, because I've read other Joy Fielding books and they're not all like this. Maybe this one was just a fluke. Did anyone else read it (I know you have it, Mom!), and what did you think?

I really like the mystery genre and I'd like to choose another mystery book at some point. Whatever it is I hope it's not as much of a smeller that this one was!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

July 1st pick

I have enjoyed reading Anita Shreve before so I thought that Erin and I should read one of her books together. Plus, you know me, I love a good love story. It is about two people who keep meeting at odd points in their lives and how those encounters go and what they do when they meet again. It sounds like a long lost love story, but you never know with Anita Shreve.Is anyone else interested in reading along with us??

Sunday, June 22, 2008

On The Side

"On The Side" is all the books that Erin and I read on our own, in between our Oh! It's Only A Novel! picks.

The Pilot's Wife is a book that Erin had read a long time ago and I had heard good things about so I decided to read it. I have read Anita Shreve before and really liked her book, Fortune's Rocks, so I had high hopes for this book. Kathryn, the wife of the pilot, found out that her husband's plane had crashed and there were no survivor's. Jack was accused of suicide because it was a bomb that went off on the plane in the cockpit. Kathryn learns that Jack had a whole separate life apart from her and their daughter and it tore her apart. What she does to find out all she can about his other life and how she realizes that the man she thought she knew was not really who he was. The ending is not my favorite, it leaves you hanging. I was totally confused, what did it mean?? I don't like endings like that and it makes me think less of the book. I wonder why Oprah liked it so much??? Am I the only one who hates confusing endings???

OK, this book I had high hopes for because I have really liked all the books that I have read, so far, from Jodi Picoult. Erin turned me on to her and I am grateful because she really knows how to write a good and interesting story. But.....this book was just so unbelieveable. To much happens and all that does happen you think to yourself that there is no way that could really happen.

The first thing that gets you thinking this is that the mother who is an attorney takes a gun to court and shoots the alleged child abuser of her son. Who gets a gun into court??? Then you find out that it wasn't the right abuser, she had shot the wrong priest. It just all falls apart and there is just to much craziness. I was very disappointed with this book and even considered not finishing it, which is so not like me. Please do not waste your time on this Jodi Picoult book, she has many others that are really great stories, such as, My Sister's Keeper, Nineteen Minutes and Plain Truth, all of those I loved.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

From the Page to the Screen: Twilight

This is the first post for a new feature we have on Oh! It Is Only a Novel! called "From the Page to the Screen". So many books are made into movies now a days, some being adapting to the screen better than others. I know Darci likes to read the book before watching the movie, and as a general rule, I do too. I just never find the book as good if I have seen the movie first.

So what's the most anticipated new movie to be coming out soon? At least among the friends and family I have -- it's Twilight, the movie based on the book of the same name by Stephenie Meyer. It's being released on December 12, 2008. I personally can't wait to see how the movie turns out - seeing as I loved the book Twilight (it was my favorite out of the 3 so far in the series).

MTV has a thing they're doing called "Twilight Tuesday", with a new clip or interview with the cast every Tuesday leading up to the premier. It's a great place to go to see the latest news or watch an interview with a cast member.

Here's a few different things they've released so far about the movie:

The fist picture of the Cullen family:

The official Twilight teaser trailer (which I've watched no less than 20 times):

The first movie poster:

And a special sneak peak of the Cullen family crest, which wasn't something that appeared in the books, but has been created specially for the movies. They came up with the design of the crest, and then the different actors in the Cullen family got to choose how they wanted their character to carry the crest - some have it in a pendant, some in a ring, some in a bracelet. Read more about it here, on a website called Twilight Series News that has a ton of great articles and pictures gathered together.


Is it December 12th yet?!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Water for Elephants - review

This was a VERY different book for me. It was the first time that I can remember ever reading a book that was from a man's side. It is about how Jacob lost everything and didn't know what to do and how he ended up working in the circus. The circus is a harsh and crude world and I expected alot of that to come out in the book and it did. I did like that it was written when Jacob was in his 90's and how he was remembering the years he was in the circus and all the things that happened there that he has never told anyone about.

I felt really bad for Jacob because here he is in a nursing home and his children did not come and see him and they didn't seem like that even cared too. He hated being there and wished that he could be somewhere else. He would fall asleep and go back to the years he was in the circus and how he met his wife and all the obstacles that they had to overcome to be together. She was married when they met and had a CRAZY husband who eventually hit her and she said that was it and she was leaving him. I have to really admire that because so many women do not leave when their husbands hit them, I sure would!!!

I really liked the ending, I thought that it was just the perfect thing that he met up with the owner of the circus that was going on next to his nursing home and that man let him stay on and sell tickets. Jacob was meant to be at the circus and to get out of the nursing home and spend his last days somewhere where he wants.

This isn't a book that I would read again, but it was different and interesting all the same. What did you think of it??

Friday, June 13, 2008

Can't Wait.

Give me a good romance any day. I love a good romance that is purely romance, where as Erin likes a book that has more in it than romance, that is why we started this book club so that I will venture out and read new things. Lisa Kleypas and Nora Roberts are the 2 writers that I love, if there is a book coming out I immediately go and buy it and devour it. Lisa Kleypas novels are ones that you fall in love with the hero and you think that she can never write a better one, but then you get her new book and you are proven wrong. We met Win and Merripen in a previous novel, Mine Until Midnight, and I can't wait to see how they get together. What is Merripen's secret that stops him from letting Win know how he feels??? I can't wait to get the answers, but I will have to until September 30.

I can't wait until August 2nd! We will finally get the concluding book from the Twilight series. Will Bella become a Vampire??? Does she end up with Jacob or Edward?? ( It better be Edward ) Will it be as good as we are all hoping it to be?? If you are a fan of the Twilight series, there is a great website with previews for the movie, here.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

June 15th book pick

For my pick this month I choose Mad River Road by Joy Fielding. Darc and I haven't read any mystery books together yet and I think we both like the genre. I've had this book sitting on my bookshelf for a while now and I can't wait to start it. Who's going to read it with us?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

June 1st pick

Darci was recommended this book by her sister in law, and I had been wanting to read it for awhile, too. It's a story about circus life and the people that are involved in it. I've heard good things about this book so I can't wait to read it.

The Host - review

Both Erin and I had loved the Twilight Series and knew that we would like Stephanie Meyers new book. The Host is an Adult Fiction, where the Twilight series was for Young Adults, so it was not as easy of a read, plus it is Science Fiction. Everyone and their mother was reading this book and people had a hard time with it for the first 120 pages or so because it was an overload of information. Once I got past that part I couldn't put it down and read it in 2 days, which is crazy because it is a thick book and I have a toddler!!! It is action packed, there is always something going on. The characters were well evolved, you really thought that you knew them. You even started to like the "alien" Wanda and wanted her to win as much as you wanted Melanie to win. I can always tell if a book is going to be one of my favorites because the minute I finish it I want to read it again and that is how I felt with The Host.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Change of Heart - review

I have been trying to get Darci to read Jodi Picoult forever. I lent her my copy of "The Pact" which she promptly gave back to me and said that she couldn't get into it. So it was fitting that the first Picoult book that she read (and finished!) was called "Change of Heart". I think she liked it, didn't you, Darc?

I had read a few Jodi Picoult books before this one, and she stayed with her typical "ripped - from - the - headlines" / "hot - button - issue" main plot. This time she was dealing with the death penalty and more specifically the rights of those inmates on death row. She really did a good job of getting you to see the world from Shay's point of view. He's not a character that you would normally feel like identifying with, since he was convicted of murder, but you really do feel for him and what he's going through. I also really liked the romance storyline for Maggie. As a parent, it was hard to think that a mother could be presented with the type of choice that Mrs. Nealon was presented with in the book - what would you do? What a difficult choice to try to honor your one child that was taken from you in a horrific way, or to try to save your other child that is here with you now.

I really liked this book and still love Jodi Picoults style of writing. She writes a gripping novel that keeps you interested from the start.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

About Us

darci erin

We became friends by default. Our husbands had been best friends forever and there was no keeping them apart - even after Brett married Darci and two weeks later Marc married Erin. We never would have met if those two boys hadn't become and stayed friends -- so I guess we owe it all to them!

Darci is an awesomely fun person who is always up for something exciting to do. She speaks her mind -- watch out, you never know what Darc's going to say next! She's a great listener and gives great advice. She has the most adorable little toddler girl, and is a loving, kind and creative mom.

Erin is the most creative and innovative person, she always is trying something new. She inspires me to be more involved in the community and with learning new projects, especially all the computer lingo. She is a great mom who always captures the best pictures of her photogenic toddler boy, who we love. She inspires me to be a better photographer, she is just awesome with the camera. Erin blogs at Two More Seconds!