Sunday, October 4, 2009

Catching Fire - review

This book was everything that I was hoping, minus a couple of things. First, I was not impressed when they had to go back into the Hunger Games I felt like it was a repeat of the first book and was hoping for something more. Second, I thought that I would be rooting for Peeta but we got to know Gale a little more in this story and I do have to say he is a MAN! I turned sides and was rooting for Gale.

This book set it up really nicely for a great finale. It will be interesting to read how the Capitol decides to deal with all the rebellions and how or if Katniss continues to be the symbol of rebellion and what she decides to do with it. Will she end up with Gale? It does make you think that she will since she admits to loving him but you never know, we might be turned back into rooting for Peeta.

What did you think?